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hello world 

we are a humanity-centric R&D fund
for Web3 and beyond

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time to unbreak
the internet

DALL·E 2022-11-22 10.24.55 -  the world wide internet visualised in the style of M. C. Esc

necto labs is an open-source innovation lab driven by R&D, venture funding and strategic collaborations to build a better web for all

we support projects and protocols which make the web more open, private and fair;


which preserve human agency, restore trust and verifiability, lock systems open and reimagine business models and incentive structures 

to shift the trajectory of humanity’s future


our focus points

social & economic inequality

projects which contribute to more equitable distribution of value, opportunity, reward for all


solutions which challenge extracative business models which heavily concentrate profit, market control and governance


build with us


the lab is seeking the most promising ideas and early-stage projects building the new world of web tools and infrastructure


we provide seed investment and incubator support for builders who further humanity’s digital freedoms and developments

the lab funds research projects in dWeb and Web3 that will help us collectively understand the full social, political or environmental implications of these new technologies


through this research, we aim to explore the long-term potential of new technologies that will become core tenants of the future web and help our community to develop holistic and humanity-centric solutions

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