Build on THE borderless web

Necto Labs is an R&D fund to build a better web for all.

This open collective brings together builders, projects and organisations who are making the internet borderless and accessible by default.

By Mysterium Network & partners.

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Build in the Nectosystem

Necto Labs funds independent research and supports the development

of a new generation of tools and infrastructure that further humanity’s goals of

digital rights, access to information and freedom of expression.

The Lab is seeking the most promising ideas and early-stage projects

that plug into the largest exit node network in the world.

Entrepreneurs and builders can get seed capital to launch an MVP in just a few months.

Apply here or register your interest.

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A network to liberate
the web’s users and information



Exit Nodes Globally



Participating Countries



TBs of Monthly Traffic 

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universally accessible

Anonymity Network

Tamper-proof and anonymous like Tor, but with superior usability, stability and speed. Encrypted with both the WireGuard and OpenVPN protocols.


An infrastructure layer for networking and unblocking solutions. Connect to the largest exit node network in the world, built on Ethereum and Polygon.

Powered by

A peer-to-peer marketplace, with nodes earning daily by sharing their residential IP address, a secure line of communication and access to the open internet.

As Global as the Open Internet

Tens of thousands of residential IPs spread across every continent, for untraceable geoshifting and data mining.

Compatible With Legacy & Next-Gen

The network can plug into both Web2 and Web3 platforms, so you can spread your project to all corners of the internet.

Sustainable Means Scalable

Permissionless and open, designed as an infinitely scalable, censorship-resistant layer of the internet that everyone can help maintain.

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Necto Labs brings your idea to life.
Some use cases & solutions we're funding


Web3 dapps, infrastructure & integrations


Geoshifting and data mining for Web2


P2P networking and resource sharing


Tools for anonymity and encryption

There are no limitations - we’re looking for any meaningful application of our protocol, exit node network or technology.


Get with the [seed] Program

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Work with an in-house team of mentors, product marketers, UX designers and business development consultants.

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Access to a network of industry experts and partner organisations.

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Commercial and technical office hours, with full support to de-bug and develop your ideas.

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Connect with other teams in the program to exchange ideas, resources and learnings.

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Follow-on funding opportunities, so you can scale beyond seed.


Join the nectosystem

& build something you've never seen before.


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